Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Day in the Life

Monday on my day off, I decided to carry around the camera and document everything that we did. (Now beware, this is not ultra exciting! Since I use this blog as my way to document, I wanted to have this to look back on in a year and see what my kids were doing.)
We started off the morning with cereal and a movie. What movie you ask? A Christmas movie of course. "Captain Christmas" (aka Jackson) wouldn't have it any other way. I put my foot down when he requested The Grinch since we have watched it at least 472 times this year. So we watched one of my favorite movies...
While Jackson watched his movie, Hudson and I practiced walking.
Now, I know that he is 15 months old and is still not walking. He is SO close though! Just in the last week, he has taken off across the room and only stopped when he realized what he was doing.

Then I did a little work and packed up clothes that don't fit Hudson and got out Jackson's old 18 month clothes. Then it was laundry time-which I think I did 10 loads. (I did not take pictures of that. Laundry= not fun!) Next it was project time, we played with Jackson's new easel that he got for Christmas (Thank you Nanny and Gaga.. He LOVES it!) He played school and then we painted. 
He LOVES writing his letters. His pictures consisted of lots of Js and Hs for Jackson Haynes.
Jackson is totally the fashionista. He loves to pick out his own clothes. Today, he chose a red sweatshirt, white wind pants...
...and his John Deere camo boots!

Next was lunchtime and then...
...and Jackson took naps. (Mommy did too!)

When we woke up, this is what Hudson looked like...
Seriously every night from 4 to 7, he is so fussy! We have come to the conclusion that he is EXHAUSTED. We ate dinner, took baths and then it was bedtime for some really sleepy boys. So there you have it. That's what a normal day in our house looks like. I know it's not exciting, but these boys make it very fun.

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