Monday, January 31, 2011

Gotta get Out

I was loving the weathermen this weekend. When they gave us this forecast...
...we did what every other Memphian did-go to the zoo.

While we were getting ready, we put Hudson in his crib so he couldn't be destructive wouldn't get into anything. I came out of our room and saw this.
Jackson had climbed into Hudson's bed to keep him company. They thought it was HILARIOUS. They were jumping, and yelling and then they would have the biggest belly laughs. They have such a sweet friendship that is budding. I love it!
We were so happy to get outside although we were a bit overdressed. (I was longing for some capri pants and flip flops as the afternoon went on.) We got to see all our favorite animals.
We saw the bears, and monkeys, elephants and snakes (gross) but Jackson's favorite animal this time was...
 ...this giant turtle. 
He thought that it was so funny that he was eating a big bowl of salad. He also couldn't get over how slow he ate. I had to remind him that turtles are slow animals.
Leaving the zoo has become Jackson's favorite part of going to the zoo. They have a hand stamp machine next to the exit. He LOVES to get a "tattoo", he even makes Jason and me get one. We didn't even get to Poplar when I saw this...
...That's what I call a productive Saturday: hanging out as a family and wearing our boys out! It gave me a taste of spring and I am SO ready for it now!


mustard seeds said...

Those boys are tuckered out.

Ashley Fisher :) said...

My girls love to play in the crib together too! It's so cute!

Ben and Emily said...

It was gorgeous Saturday! I actually got a tad hot walking the dogs! Never thought I would complain of that in January!

Glad y'all had fun at the Zoo! Love the tat! :)