Sunday, January 16, 2011

"I Live in a Van Down By the River..."

My FAVE actor has ALWAYS been Chris Farley. I love him! (When he passed away in 1997, I had 25 people call me and make sure I was ok. That was back in the day before cell phones and texting-so they were calling my parent's house phone. So funny!) I can quote any SNL skit or movie that he was in. However, I wasn't expecting one of my sons to resemble him.
Lately, Hudson's hair has been having a striking resemblance to Mr. Farley! Do you see it?
How bout this one? Can you say "Fat guy in a little coat?"

Yesterday, it was time for a cut! I got out the clippers with a 7.5 guard and went to town. (I may or may not have cried while I cut his hair.)
And here he is today...SO handsome. He no longer looks like a baby to me!
 Helping Mommy brush his pretty hair.
 Watch out ladies....He's a heartbreaker!


mustard seeds said...

So funny. Precious!

Ben and Emily said...

Too funny and I can totally see Chris in him!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

hahaha! I sooo see it!! He's so cute!