Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Day Out

Last week, after Hudson got over his stomach funk, he so sweetly passed it on to me on Friday night and all day Saturday! (They won't share toys but they will gladly share their funk) By Sunday, I was feeling better and I was so ready to get outside. The weather was perfect so we loaded up and went to the park with my parents.
 We had a picnic and then we played on the playground. Hudson sure did try to hang with the big kids.
He even went down the slide by himself. (That belly...oh, I could just eat it up!)
 Jackson loved climbing all the stairs and trying to boss around show Hudson what to do.
Shawn and Darris met up with us and we all decided to hike to the Wolf River.
 *Me and my boys
 When we got to the River, Jackson was in awe. He loved climbing on all the rocks.
 Flexing his muscles after practicing his "mountain climbing".
After our hike, we relaxed and had fun hanging out together.
It came time to head on home (since we had been there for over 3 hours!). Jackson took that opportunity to hop a ride with my Dad. He loves to be on someone's shoulders (he also ADORES my Dad-so he was in hog heaven!)
"Happy Trails to you..."
 No weekend outing is complete without a trip to Sonic for happy hour. (In my defense, this is just water. I was not feeling too hot after being sick the day before.)
No day is also complete without breaking out the ice packs. Today's boo boo of the day was bilateral skinned knees. (That sounds so technical!) Of course our ice packs are Spiderman and Iron-man-apparently they make boo boos feel much better.
And what goes better with superhero ice packs? Iron-man and Capt. America band-aids of course. We bandaged him up, gave 2 stinky boys a bath and sent them to bed. I love laid back days with my family!

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Ben and Emily said...

Glad you're feeling better. Stomach bugs are no fun.

Thank goodness for spider man ice packs, huh! I bet they really heal those bilateral skinned knees in no time! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!