Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last week, my lucky streak continued and I won another radio contest. We won 4 tickets to see a sneak preview of...
To say that we were excited would be an understatement. I have been talking it up to Jackson, telling him what we were going to see. Saturday morning, he woke up and was SO ready to go see the movie.
Even Jason dressed for the occasion and wore his best gnome shirt.
I was a little nervous that Jackson wouldn't like wearing the 3D glasses, but he did great. He wore them the whole time. (This picture isn't the best but I had to take it quick. When we walked in to the theater, they wanded us to make sure we didn't have cameras with us. Oops, just wanted to take a picture of Jackson with his glasses on.) Hudson did well too. It was right around nap time for him so he was a little fussy but then he fell asleep.

Last week, when we were sitting in the Dr.s office I was reading my favorite magazine, Disney Family Fun. I saw a cute Gnomeo and Juliet craft. I made a mental note and we did it today because Jackson loves a good craft!
Jackson worked so hard-making sure the paper was cut just right.
We love our little gnome family.
We decided that we liked all the Gnomes but the blue ones were our favorite.

And P.S.- Gnomeo and Juliet is SO GOOD!!! It may surpass Toy Story as my favorite movie.


Anonymous said...

Last week, Sheila and I were talking about the Mrs. Romeo who got escorted from the Tigers game. Jackson piped in, "Romemo and Juliet". I qyestioned how a 3 year old knew about Romeo and Juliet. Sheila told me how excited he was to be going to that movie. So funny. Now I know anout Gnomeo and Juliet

Ben and Emily said...

How fun!

The gnome family is adorable!!