Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

What is up with this winter? Today, we had our 4th (?) snow of the winter. Although it was just a dusting, the boys had fun in it just the same (and the city shut down !).

It started snowing around the time that Jackson woke up. He loved watching it come down and then he asked if he could go outside. We bundled up and out we went.
They loved it. Even Hudson did this time!
We even had some time to catch some snow flakes on our tongue.
Hudson and I came inside to warm up but we let Jackson stay out and burn off some energy play. He finally came in 15 minutes later, he was frozen solid. We ate lunch and took a nap. I am glad we decided to play when we did-when we woke up all the snow was gone. We are supposed to have some more snow on Wednesday night. Is it a sign that I am getting old when I don't like snow anymore?

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