Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Snow" Over It!

This winter has been so odd...It has snowed so much. I was telling my Mom, I know that I am a grown-up now cause I have to pay bills and I don't like the snow! Wednesday was the 5th or 6th snow that Memphis has had. It started snowing while I was working. Jason came and picked me up and we had to drive out to Fayette county to pick up the boys since my Mom was watching them that day-It took up 2 hours to get to my parent's house!

When we pulled in the driveway, Jackson was ready to go play. We bundled him up and we went out to play for just a bit. (It was SO cold we only stayed out for 5 minutes).
Jason and Jackson attempted to throw snowballs, but the snow was just too powdery.
Hudson just wanted to be held...He was a little too cold!
We had fun playing but we got stuck at my parent's house that night. We spent the night and then left early the next morning, since both of us had to work. (That's one of the pitfalls of snow days!) I am praying that that was the last snowday for this year (I know, I'm such a grinch!)!

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Ben and Emily said...

I hate to admit, but after this week I too am over the snow! It's pretty, but I'm ready for spring!

Y'all look adorable, as usual!