Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day. (I know, I am totally a stick in the mud!) I would rather spend a night at home with all my boys than going out to eat so we had a fun night in and celebrated the way any toddler would...we made homemade pizza, and watched "Despicable Me". (Totally romantic, right?)

As we were watching the movie, I realized how lucky I am. I have 3 loves in my life.
This little boy is my little comedian. He never ceases to amaze me with the funny things that come out of his mouth.
If you need cheering up (or really just need a laugh!), Jackson is the man for you!
This little boy can melt my heart with his sweet little voice that says "Mama" and the wettest, sloberiest, open-mouth kisses.
...He truly is my miracle baby!
And this guy...well he gets me like no one else does. He is my voice of reason and loves me when I am totally unlovable!He is the best Daddy to our little boys and the best husband that I could ask for. I love you Jason!

Yup, I am totally blessed this Valentine's day!


Ben and Emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's! Your boys are precious!

The Butler Family said...

Amen! It seems the older I get the less I care about Valentine's day. :)
Your kiddos are adorable! You are one blessed woman :)