Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did I Hear You Right?

Jackson has become quite the superhero fan. To refresh your memory, check out my posts HERE and HERE. Sunday, we noticed that Ironman was on TV. Now let me say, Jackson has watched Ironman many times and loved it everytime. The last time it was on, we let him stay up late and watch until the end. We decided to turn it on and just wait to see his expression when he realized what he was watching. We sat through the commercial and we just watched him. He took him a second to realize what was on TV and then his face changed.

Jackson: "Mommy, is this Ironman?"
Me: "Yes Jax. Aren't you excited?"
Jackson: "Will you turn on Food Network?"

Food network? Yes, I watch alot of Food Network but Jackson has never shown an interest in watching any cooking shows. I asked him why he wanted to watch Food Network and he told me that Ironman scared him. (Go ahead and give me the Mother of the Year award!) He said he just didn't like the end of the movie. We should have never let him stay up that night and watch the end of the show. You live and learn, right?

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Ben and Emily said...

At least he picked a great replacement! So long Ironman...hello Paula! :)