Saturday, March 19, 2011

It Needs a Little Something

I have been loving some design shows lately. This is a very dangerous thing. You see when I watch these, I get motivated to change everything in this very old house. I want to gut this, and bust this up. When you are living on a pretty tight budget, doing a lot of renovations is just not possible. A few mini changes are coming in the very near future for this house (like painting some rooms and changing up some decorations). My first "room" to tackle was our hallway. (Is a hallway a room?)
This is our hallway. It's small, boring and in need of a little love!
The only thing hanging on the walls is our engagement picture.
Lets have a moment of silence for that small, cute, young girl in the picture. That was 5 years and 2 kids ago....Please come back real soon and stay for a while! Ok, moving on.
This side of the hallway always stumped me. Should I do family pictures, or a little shelf with some nick knacks? I know what I'll do. I'll make a silhouette of my kiddos. Cute, and something a little different.

*First step, take a mugshot of your subject.
Jackson was easy. He would stand there and let me pose him just how I needed. Hudson was another story...
We tried...
...and tried...
...and eventually we got a decent shot!

*Next step, trace the photo on to plain paper. 
I pulled the photo that I was going to use and made it bigger in the computer and then traced it straight off my computer screen. If you do this, use a LIGHT touch. You don't want to mess up your screen! After it was traced out, I added a few touches like eyelashes to enhance the final product. 

*Now, cut out what you did on the plain paper and trace it on to your final paper. I used black to keep it traditional but you could use anything. Cut it out being very careful, then glue it to whatever background you like. Again, I went with white cardstock since I was staying traditional. Then you are done!
This is Jackson's finished silhouette. I love how his hair sticks up in the back! That is SO Jackson.
And here is Hudson's finished silhouette. I love his little button nose and his chubby little chin! That is SO Hudson. 

We are going to hang them this afternoon and I know it will transform our hallway. 

Total cost for this project $25.00 (2 mats 2.99- 50% off at Hobby Lobby and 2 hanging frames $22.00- 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby). Not bad for 2 framed and matted pictures!


The Butler Family said...

I love this idea! I saw it on a DIY blog the other day and thought I need to do that...especially for free/cheap! :)

Ben and Emily said...

Wow...that's awesome! Great job and thanks for sharing (b/c I'll totally be stealing it)!

Amy@ Just Pleased as Punch said...

Totally love this idea! I featured it over at You are one talented lady!

Ben and Audrey said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this. seriously, LOV. i've seen it on a couple blogs & i've always wanted to try it. i think i will! thanks for the instructions!

Anonymous said...

Love them.

The Keegan's said...

Great job! I also have seen this on another blog but yours came out AWESOME!!!! :) Now, where are the final pictures in the hallway?!

Tiffany Simpson McKeown said...

Well, hello Miss Crafty Pants! I love it!!! Great work!!!
I also love the moment of silence... I think I'll have one here for my long lost figure... but I'll have to stop crunching my peanut m&m's... seriously.