Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter-Part 1

What a busy day we have had! We started out the day with a little guest...
Our elf, Max, came for a visit. With the economy being so poor, he now has a part-time job working for the Easter bunny. He came to us dressed up for Easter and he brought the boys a sweet little note.
Jackson was very surprised when he got up this morning.
While I went to Weight Watchers, the boys had powered doughnuts. (The only way I could have will power to not inhale those doughnuts was to leave the house...ha!)

Then we went to Lowe's to do a little shopping and to let Jackson build a birdhouse. I love taking advantage of all the free children's clinics out there. Jackson thinks they are the greatest thing in the whole wide world. 
This video cracks me up. It shows his "concentration face" (mouth wide open) and then at the end watch how he hammers those nails in. All I can say is that Jason is VERY brave for getting his hands anywhere near Jackson when he is hammering!
Jackson with his building buddy, Daddy!
So proud of his bird house!

Then tonight, we have been getting ready for tomorrow morning. (Is Sunday morning the most hectic part of the week to anyone else?) All 3 of my boys needed haircuts, so had to brush the cobwebs off my hair stuff.
The boys watching the Griz game sporting their new handsome haircuts. (Yes, I realize that Jackson is wearing Christmas PJs. He dressed himself for bed...ha!) Looking forward to tomorrow-ready to worship my Risen Savior with our church family.


Ben and Emily said...

Love the Easter Elf! :)

Hope y'all have a non-hectic Easter!

Thrifty Military Mommy said...

Your boys are ADORABLE!