Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter-Part 2

(*I hate that this post is so late. We have had our computer unplugged with all the bad storms we have had and then last night when I was about to write this post our power went out. How do you like that. 3 days of storms and our power goes off AFTER the storms...I digress.)

This year, Easter was so fun. When the boys got up on Easter morning, we had to rush to the dining room to see what the Easter Bunny left them...
Hudson's basket.
And Jackson's basket
Jackson was super pumped about the new underwear that he got. (Seriously...that is what he wanted in his Easter basket!)
And Hudson got some super cute sunglasses. Don't they look like Ray Bans?

After eating M&Ms breakfast, we quickly got ready for church and managed to make it to Sunday School at 8:15 (which is a miracle in itself!) After church, we headed to eat lunch at my parents house. On the way there Jackson told us all about Easter and Jesus dying on the cross. 
The Easter story as told my Jackson Haynes:
"Mommy, Jesus' hands were bloody. Some men put nails in his hands. He died on the cross and then he was alive. And Mary was there. Did you know that? He died for me." (Music to my ears to hear my little boy tell me Bible stories.)
At my parent's, we took family pictures and ate lunch then it was on to the 2nd annual Haynes/ Whitworth/ Ware Easter egg hunt
Family Easter picture
My 2 cute boys (I love Hudson's smocked outfit with skinned knees.)

We take our Easter egg hunting pretty seriously. You see, there is money in those eggs. There may or may not have been some fighting. Don't worry, no one was hurt!

(Funny Jackson story: We went to a birthday party at the beginning of the month that had an egg hunt. We mentioned it to Jackson and he said "Is there going to be cash money in those eggs?" We had to tell him that not all egg hunts have money in them. I thought it was funny that he remembered last year and the money that he got. That boy loves him some money!)
My Dad helped Hudson find some eggs. (I couldn't help him, I had to find my own money. Ha!)
Jackson has a basket full of eggs!
When all the eggs had been found, we came in and counted all our "cash money"...
...and then the boys did a little swimming. It was the perfect day spent with our family and our church family!


Ben and Emily said...

First: what a beautiful family! I love his smocked outfit too! Simply adorable.

Second: next year, I'm coming with y'all to hunt for some cash eggs! I like your Easter Bunny better!

Glad y'all are safe.

mrs. c said...

Their outfits are adorable! =)