Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Warriors

What is it about spring that makes you want to deep clean, get things organized and do some house projects? (Please tell me I'm not alone in my quest to "make things better".) So Saturday in all it's 72 degree glory, we headed to Home Depot to get what we needed to finish a few things around the house.
They had their Kids Workshop going on so Jackson was super excited.
The lady even gave Hudson a project. I tried my hardest to get him excited but all he wanted to do was hold this hammer and walk around in the lumber section. (Which meant I got to chase him all over the lumber section!)
Jackson worked so hard on his project and was even sweet enough to finish Hudson's for him.
The finished awesome planter. We will be getting some plants in the next couple of weeks for Jackson to take care of.
He is in his element at Home Depot.
After Home Depot, it was time for some sno cones so we went to good ole Jerry's . This is our favorite place to go on Saturdays once it gets warmer.
Jackson got a Spider-man sno cone and it was super yummy! Jason and I stuck with the tried and true Strawberry Supreme (strawberry sno cone with vanilla soft serve...Can you say yum?)
Hudson didn't get to really enjoy Jerry's last year...
...but he LOVED it yesterday! He smiled this big everytime he took a bite.
Jackson talked about Jerry's all day long. He was loving his sno-cone. (Please excuse my appearance. I'm just keeping it real. This is how I look when it is a Home Depot Saturday!)
Spider-man sno cone (blue bubble gum and strawberry) makes you have a black tongue.
And this is what we are working on today. We got 2 cabinets to finish up our laundry room. I will post some before and afters once we have it done.

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Ben and Emily said...

Go Jackson! That planter turned out great! (maybe I could recruit a kid to build me one..ha!)

I must try Jerrys, asap! My hips will thank you later for introducing us! :)

(We're having a blog dinner again April 20 at Boscos at 6...would love for you to come...let me know!)