Monday, April 18, 2011

Worn Out

Today has been SO fun. We spent the morning at Shelby Farms. We walked around the lake and then went to the new playground.
Hudson loved being able to run free.
And Jackson liked pretending to be Spider-man.
He thought he was really big when he climbed up to the tree house. (Then Shawn had to go rescue him cause he couldn't figure out how to get down.)
Hudson still running free.
The slide area of this park is so cool.
Shawn and I commented that we don't remember cool parks like this when we were growing up.
After slides, we went to the sand part of the park.
This is Hudson's favorite part. And this is where the pictures end. Hudson gets caked with wet sand (I mean it is EVERYWHERE...eyelashes, armpits, diaper area...) and we had to go to the bathroom and clean him up in the sink.

After the boys 4 HOUR NAP! Yea, they were worn out! Jackson and I colored Easter eggs. 
 I think he liked coloring the eggs, but I think he liked getting some alone time with Mommy the most.
I know this picture is blurry but I still love it.

Time for dinner, baths and early bedtimes. This Momma is super sleepy!


mustard seeds said...

Looks like such fun. How did the eggs turn out?

Shannon said...

The eggs turned out so cute. I learned my lesson last year and used vinegar like the instructions said to.