Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Years!

Jason and I have been married for 5 years! I seems like just yesterday we were married and have been through so much! Apartment living, buying our first home, having Jackson, all Jackson's health issues (surgery, stomach scopes), Surprise...Hudson's on the way, a "high risk" pregnancy, raising 2 crazy kiddos...etc.
My blog friend Emily did a fun post for her Anniversary, so of course I had to steal borrow her idea. So take a look at our wedding day from A to Z.

Attending- Since we got married on Mother's Day weekend (and alot of my friends were graduating from college) we had a smaller wedding. We had probably around 100 to 125 people who came. It was so sweet though, it was all our family and close friends.

Bridesmaids- I had 5 bridesmaids. I chose all family since I am so close with my cousins and my sister-in-law. My sister was my Maid of Honor.
Catering- I decided not to get a caterer in an attempt to save my parents some money. We made all the food except for the cake. It was SOOOO yummy but such a hassle. Needless to say, my sister's wedding was catered. My Mom was not about to make all that food all over again.

Dress- I loved my dress. I got it at Low's in Brinkley, Arkansas. I wanted something pretty simple, I am not a glitz and glam girl. The bodice had a lace overlay and some bead work and the skirt part just had an organza layer. My favorite part was the sash with that broach and my jewelry.
Engagement-We got engaged on October 7, 2005. A 7 month engagement can make things pretty frantic but we somehow got everything done.

Flowers- My flowers were one of my favorite parts of my wedding. I told my florist that I wanted my bouquet to look like spring. We decided to have pink peonies, green hydrangea, green berries, and pink ivory, and cream roses.

Groomsmen- Jason had 5 groomsmen and 2 ushers. His groomsmen were his brothers, cousins and friends. His ushers were a friend of his and my cousin.
Honeymoon- We went on a cruise...SO FUN! You can read all about it HERE.

Invitations- My Aunt made our invitations. We bought invitation kits at Michael's. I loved the wording on them.
Justice of the Peace- No way. I wanted the real deal!

Keepsake- We had our wedding party and family sign our engagement picture at our rehearsal dinner. It is now hanging in our hallway.

Ladies Night-I had a lingerie shower with my bridesmaids and my close friends.

Music- During the ceremony, we had a string trio playing hymns. My old youth minister and his wife sang a song that they wrote during the unity candle. It was so sweet.

Newlyweds- (I'm not really sure what this question is asking, so I'm going to skip it!)

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Old= A penny that my grandmother gave me with my birth year on it. I wore it in my shoe. New= all my jewelry. Borrowed= a handkerchief that I carried. Blue=my University of Memphis garter.

Photography- We used Zanone Photography. We really liked them and I feel like they captured exactly what I wanted. (Feel free to click the link and see all our wedding photos.)

Question popping- Jason and I took a day off work to hang out together. We went to the Pink Palace Crafts Fair and then we went downtown to go shopping. We went to the top of the Peabody and he asked me while we were up there. It was low key and perfect!

Reception- We had our reception in our fellowship hall after the wedding. It was pretty layed back and quick. We didn't want to stay too long.

Shoes- I went for comfort over fashion cause lets face one really sees your shoes. Jason is just barely taller than me so I wore ballet slippers so I wouldn't tower over him.
Trash the Dress?- I hate to say that I "think" my dress is at my parent's house. (not really sure) It is not preserved but might be in the bag that it came in. I'm not sure.

Unique- Our wedding was pretty traditional. Our cake was a little different. The wedding cake was 5 tiers. Each layer was different and SO YUMMY!!! Jason didn't have a chocolate grooms cake. He decided to have pecan pie since it is his favorite!

Vows- Super traditional. "Will you?" "I will." Yadda, Yadda.

Wedding Woes- If there were any, I don't know about them. As far as I'm concerned, our wedding went off without a hitch.

X-rated- No wardrobe malfunctions for me! Praise the Lord.

Young Kids- We had a flower girl and then we each had a ring bearer. We actually let them hold our rings. They did a great job and our rings were safe.

Zzzz- After the wedding, we had to drive to Little Rock so we could catch a plane early the next morning. We were exhausted. We tore into the picnic basket that my Mom packed us...we ate like we hadn't eaten in year.

So there you have it. Our wedding from A to Z. I have had so much fun reminiscing our wedding.

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Ben and Emily said...

1) Happy Anniversary! Here's to (at least) 50 more wonderful years...

2) Your dress was beautiful! Love the sash!

3) Those flowers were perfect!

It was fun reading about your big day!