Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can I Have One, Please?

One of our family friends, Betsy, has some new little ones at her house. A few weeks ago, they came home and found a dog in their backyard. The gate was locked so they are not sure how she got there. They took her to the vet and found out that she was pregnant. Monday, Honey had her babies. She invited us over to come see them. Jackson was so excited, he couldn't wait.
Since today was cooler, they set up a tent for the puppies and Honey. (Honey is one lucky puppy to have found her way to that backyard!)
Jackson was so very gentle. I think he was as smitten with them as I was. He talked about them the whole way home.
This is the one that I am DYING to have. Check out that face. Isn't that too much!
Can I PLEASE have her? I have been so good. I promise to take care of it and feed it. I will take it on walks and clean up after it. Please Jason. (If you would like to help me on my quest to add a new member to the Haynes family, feel free to leave me a comment. I will pass it along to Jason.) For the next few weeks, this will be my talk Jason into having a puppy.


Morgan Holt said...

PLEASE JASON!?!? Pretty please with sugar on top can Shannon have one of those adorable puppies?!? They are crazy cute, Shannon! I can understand how you fell in love! Having a dog is great and the boys will love growing up with it. The dog will enjoy it even more when it is played with constantly outside with those boys of yours. I think it's a definite winner adding a puppy to your family!

Ben and Emily said...

Who could resist a sweet puppy face?? Please Jason....pretty please! :)