Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Daddy's Mother's Day" 2011

We had such a great "Daddy's Mother's Day". We got to hang out with some of my favorite guys!
Saturday, we went swimming with Jason's family. Jackson was ready...until he got in the water. Then he wasn't such a fan anymore. (I love these goggles! )
Hudson on the other hand LOVED swimming. He was a natural. He would put his face in and kick his legs.
We didn't end up staying in very long. The water was freezing.
Jackson prefered staying on the side, and shooting whoever was in the pool with his watergun.
After he was good and dry, he decided to get back in and swim alone with Jason. He finally started warming up to the water and trying to swim without his floaties. We ate dinner with Jason's family and then went home and crashed. We were exhausted.  (I hate that we didn't get any pictures with Jason's Dad. He was working and then we were too busy stuffing our faces. I promise I will do better next year!)
The next day, we went to my parent's house to spend time with my family. My sister and I love our Daddy. (We also love the Duggars since they are on the tv behind us...haha!)
The boys got some good quality time with their Daddy.
And they also got to spend some time with their great-granddads, Pop...
...and Gaga.
We hung out with them and gave them our special cards that Jackson made. We made the cutest cards from Shutterfly. I let Jackson chose the Top 5 reasons he loves these men. Here are some highlights from these cards...
*You fix good cars and you cut grass real good. (Jason)
*You give me Cheetos and you play Legos with me (Gaga, my grandfather)
*You let me drive your tractor and you pick up sticks real good. (Buddy, my Dad).
*You're real tall and you don't kick me. (Pop, my grandfather
*You swim with us and I like your tractor. (Papaw, Jason's Dad)
It's the little things in life that are important to Jackson. =)

We are so blessed to have some amazing Godly Daddys in our life!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Funk!

I have been in such a blog slump lately. I feel like I have nothing to say. I promise I will try my best to get out of it soon! =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us and we have been trying to stay cool any way we can.
We have washed the car... 
...and broken out the sprinkler.
We even made a trip to the sprinkler park. The boys loved it and took great naps when we got home. (...note to self-must do that again!)
Hudson even found a sprinkler that was his speed.
Too busy playing to take a picture
So far this summer has been great!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Year and a Half

Hudson has 1 more week to be considered 18 months old so I thought I needed to update his stats.
Height:  34 in (80th percentile)
Weight:  29.1 lb (90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 48.5 cm (75th percentile)

Hudson, what are you up to now?:

* You are EVERYWHERE! You have learned to open door knobs and climb on anything. Once again, the life we once knew has momentarily changed. We are having to remember to make a better effort of putting things where you can't reach them (like drinks...We have had a few cokes that have ended up on the floor.)

*My one time good eater has gotten a little picky. You are not a fan of sandwiches. (I'm like Joey on Friends...Sandwiches are my favorite food!) Which is hard because that is what lunch is alot of time. At dinner, you always eat your fruit or veggies first. We are always struggling to get you to eat your meat. I know this is a phase, but it is frustrating.

*My one time quite guy is now talking All. The. Time! What are you saying?
Hey, Hi, Bye, Mommy, Dada, Bubba (for Jackson), Mimi, Dink (drink), Tank ooo (Thank you), Nini (night night), All did (all done), Amy (amen), Biiee (bite), Uh-Oh, Bob (paci), Unkey (monkey lovey), Peas (please), and the most important word in our house BungeBob (SpongeBob).
This video reminds me of Hudson. Every day when he gets in the car, this is what I hear. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, MommyDaddy, MommyDaddy, MommyDaddy...." It is so funny!

 *Your favorite toy is our old house phone. You will carry it with you all day long-It is so funny. You also love to put all your toys in my empty bag and carry it around the house. You are very easily amused.  

*You LOVE to give hugs and wet slobbery kisses.

*You are still SO clumsy! You constantly have skinned knees. Bless your little heart. 
We took you to the Dr. this month and we think we have the answer to why you are so clumsy. After an x-ray on your legs, They told us you have bow legs and Internal Tibial Torsion. They hope that you will grow out of it.
*You love to be silly. You love to make people laugh and have so much joy in your life. Your smile lights up a room!

My sweet little silly boy! You have quite a personality and I can't wait to see where it takes you in the future. You will do great things little boy.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He Kills Me!

This little boy has me cracking up All. The. Time! He has such a funny sense of humor and LOVES to make people laugh. I thought it was time for some more Jackson-isms!

1. Every night at dinnertime, Jackson really enjoys saying our blessing. Hudson has started "participating" by bowing his head, holding his hands and giving his best Southern Baptist "Amen" (which sounds just like Ahme or Amy).
Setting the scene: Jackson had just completed his prayer which is quickly followed by Huds "Ahme".
Jackson: grunting to himself, shrugging his sholders and shaking his head.
Mommy: "What's wrong?"
Jackson: "Hudson is always talking about Amy. I don't even know who that is. "

2. Flipping through the channels, we see that Pirates of the Carribean is on.
Jackson: "Yes...Pirates of the Para Legal!" (I didn't know Jackson knew about para legals!)

3.The night of the American Idol final we had some bad storms, so Jackson decided that he needed to snuggle with me in my bed until the storms passes. Lady Gaga comes on to perform. She is looking crazy and standing on this mountain thing.
Jackson: "Mommy, is she an angel?"
That's not quite how I picture angels. When she started "dancing" (and I use that term loosely) with a guy, we quickly changed the channel and we found some cartoon to watch.

4. After helping Jackson get ready for bed, I gave him a hug and a kiss. He grabbed my face...
Jackson: "Mommy, when you kiss me you need to turn your head like this." (and then turns his head like the best soap opera kiss you have ever seen)
Mommy: "Jackson, Mommies don't kiss like that. We just give pecks, Eskimo kisses or butterfly kisses. How did you learn about that?"
Jackson: "That's the way Shrek dos it."

And things I hear on a daily basis:
"Mommy, your my best girl."
"Mommy, your my best friend."
"Mommy, I didn't kiss Lindsey today at school."

This boy has me laughing all day long!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

(I know that I am a week behind...I'm trying to get caught up!)

We had an AWESOME (and exhausting) Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was Jason's 33rd birthday. We stayed home and did some things around the house. That night, we decided to join the technology age and get smart phones. (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Anniversary presents all in one...those things aren't cheap!)
We sat on the couch that night and tried to learn how to work these new fangled contraptions! I took several pictures of my feet while trying to learn the camera.

Sunday, we went to my parent's house and celebrated Christmas with our family from Nashville. (Yes, Christmas! We had lots of things happen when we were supposed to get together. This was the first time that everyone was available.)
 How many kids get to open Christmas presents in May?
And how many kids get to swim at Christmas time?
The boys then talked Buddy into playing in the tent with them...
...and riding them on the tractor.
Monday, we loaded up a lunch and headed to the zoo.

We ate our lunch
Jackson colored an awesome picture...
...And Hudson took a 2 hour nap. He slept through everything: the snakes, playground, polar bear, elephants and sea lion show...he missed it all.  (Jackson gave Hudson is picture that he colored. Hudson held it his whole nap.That is what is in the bottom corner of the picture.)
Hudson (and his crazy nap hair) woke up just in time to play in the fountain.
Jackson was so sweet and protected Huds from the bigger kids. 
We headed out from the zoo, hit up a little Sonic Happy Hour, grilled some hot dogs and hit the sack early! We were so tired and are still recovering from last weekend.