Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Daddy's Mother's Day" 2011

We had such a great "Daddy's Mother's Day". We got to hang out with some of my favorite guys!
Saturday, we went swimming with Jason's family. Jackson was ready...until he got in the water. Then he wasn't such a fan anymore. (I love these goggles! )
Hudson on the other hand LOVED swimming. He was a natural. He would put his face in and kick his legs.
We didn't end up staying in very long. The water was freezing.
Jackson prefered staying on the side, and shooting whoever was in the pool with his watergun.
After he was good and dry, he decided to get back in and swim alone with Jason. He finally started warming up to the water and trying to swim without his floaties. We ate dinner with Jason's family and then went home and crashed. We were exhausted.  (I hate that we didn't get any pictures with Jason's Dad. He was working and then we were too busy stuffing our faces. I promise I will do better next year!)
The next day, we went to my parent's house to spend time with my family. My sister and I love our Daddy. (We also love the Duggars since they are on the tv behind us...haha!)
The boys got some good quality time with their Daddy.
And they also got to spend some time with their great-granddads, Pop...
...and Gaga.
We hung out with them and gave them our special cards that Jackson made. We made the cutest cards from Shutterfly. I let Jackson chose the Top 5 reasons he loves these men. Here are some highlights from these cards...
*You fix good cars and you cut grass real good. (Jason)
*You give me Cheetos and you play Legos with me (Gaga, my grandfather)
*You let me drive your tractor and you pick up sticks real good. (Buddy, my Dad).
*You're real tall and you don't kick me. (Pop, my grandfather
*You swim with us and I like your tractor. (Papaw, Jason's Dad)
It's the little things in life that are important to Jackson. =)

We are so blessed to have some amazing Godly Daddys in our life!

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