Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He Kills Me!

This little boy has me cracking up All. The. Time! He has such a funny sense of humor and LOVES to make people laugh. I thought it was time for some more Jackson-isms!

1. Every night at dinnertime, Jackson really enjoys saying our blessing. Hudson has started "participating" by bowing his head, holding his hands and giving his best Southern Baptist "Amen" (which sounds just like Ahme or Amy).
Setting the scene: Jackson had just completed his prayer which is quickly followed by Huds "Ahme".
Jackson: grunting to himself, shrugging his sholders and shaking his head.
Mommy: "What's wrong?"
Jackson: "Hudson is always talking about Amy. I don't even know who that is. "

2. Flipping through the channels, we see that Pirates of the Carribean is on.
Jackson: "Yes...Pirates of the Para Legal!" (I didn't know Jackson knew about para legals!)

3.The night of the American Idol final we had some bad storms, so Jackson decided that he needed to snuggle with me in my bed until the storms passes. Lady Gaga comes on to perform. She is looking crazy and standing on this mountain thing.
Jackson: "Mommy, is she an angel?"
That's not quite how I picture angels. When she started "dancing" (and I use that term loosely) with a guy, we quickly changed the channel and we found some cartoon to watch.

4. After helping Jackson get ready for bed, I gave him a hug and a kiss. He grabbed my face...
Jackson: "Mommy, when you kiss me you need to turn your head like this." (and then turns his head like the best soap opera kiss you have ever seen)
Mommy: "Jackson, Mommies don't kiss like that. We just give pecks, Eskimo kisses or butterfly kisses. How did you learn about that?"
Jackson: "That's the way Shrek dos it."

And things I hear on a daily basis:
"Mommy, your my best girl."
"Mommy, your my best friend."
"Mommy, I didn't kiss Lindsey today at school."

This boy has me laughing all day long!

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Ben and Emily said...

How funny! He sounds like such a sweet, fun kid! I bet he keeps ya on your toes though! :)