Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

(I know that I am a week behind...I'm trying to get caught up!)

We had an AWESOME (and exhausting) Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was Jason's 33rd birthday. We stayed home and did some things around the house. That night, we decided to join the technology age and get smart phones. (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Anniversary presents all in one...those things aren't cheap!)
We sat on the couch that night and tried to learn how to work these new fangled contraptions! I took several pictures of my feet while trying to learn the camera.

Sunday, we went to my parent's house and celebrated Christmas with our family from Nashville. (Yes, Christmas! We had lots of things happen when we were supposed to get together. This was the first time that everyone was available.)
 How many kids get to open Christmas presents in May?
And how many kids get to swim at Christmas time?
The boys then talked Buddy into playing in the tent with them...
...and riding them on the tractor.
Monday, we loaded up a lunch and headed to the zoo.

We ate our lunch
Jackson colored an awesome picture...
...And Hudson took a 2 hour nap. He slept through everything: the snakes, playground, polar bear, elephants and sea lion show...he missed it all.  (Jackson gave Hudson is picture that he colored. Hudson held it his whole nap.That is what is in the bottom corner of the picture.)
Hudson (and his crazy nap hair) woke up just in time to play in the fountain.
Jackson was so sweet and protected Huds from the bigger kids. 
We headed out from the zoo, hit up a little Sonic Happy Hour, grilled some hot dogs and hit the sack early! We were so tired and are still recovering from last weekend.

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Ben and Emily said...

-Sounds like a fun filled weekend! -Woohoo for smart phones! What did we ever do with out 'em?
-LOL at Christmas in May! Who knows, it may start a tradition! :)