Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An All-American Weekend

(Get ready for me to unload some photos...I took like 200 this weekend!)

I LOVE the 4th of July. I love everything that comes along with it: cookouts, family, swimming, fireworks. We did all of that except the fireworks (we were just too worn out at night to go see fireworks...oh well!).
Sunday, we headed to see Jason's family. I turned around and saw Jackson had put on his goggles. Can you say excited?
We has so much fun swimming! Jackson actually got comfortable in the water. 
Hudson loved going off the diving board.
Once Jackson saw Hudson do it, then he needed to.
We went and ate dinner and Jason's mom (Mamaw) put candles in Jackson's favorite dessert.
 Monday, we met my family at the movies and saw Cars 2. (which happens to be super cute!) We then headed to my parent's house to eat dinner. 
While we were there, my grandparents let Jackson open his birthday present early. They made him find it on a scavenger hunt. 
The last clue told Jackson to look under the quilt in the extra bedroom. Captain Obvious wasn't quite so obvious today. He decided not to look under the quilt in the middle of the room but to look under the quilt on the bed. He finally discovered that hidden in the middle of the room was a brand new bike!!! I don't think Jackson could have been happier. 
He went outside and rode his bike for like an hour!
On our way home last night, Jason and I were talking. We both agreed that this was one of the greatest weekends we had had in a long time! I was sad to see that it was over. We had so much fun-we didn't need fireworks!

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