Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not My First Rodeo...

...Well that's not true. It was our first rodeo...Our first fishing rodeo. Today, we took Jackson to the Bartlett Fishing Rodeo and we had a blast! The rodeo started at 6 am! (SO EARLY!!!) We hit up Chik-fil-a for breakfast and then went to the lake to put our competitive faces on and catch some fish.
This is how Jackson likes to fish...He lets Daddy do the fishing while he munches on some Chik-fil-a!
Hudson made sure to stay hydrated since it was hot!
Jackson's "fishing license"
Mom and Dad (or Mimi and Buddy) came to cheer Jackson on!
Jackson lost interest in fishing after about an hour. He decided to check out his fishing "comic book" that he got in his goodie bag. (At least he thought it was a comic book)
And what did we catch you ask? Well, this.......
I have no clue what it is. We had several nibbles but this is all we caught! Needless to say, we did not get a trophy.
 After a couple hours of fishing, we headed over to the Family Fun Fest to get our fun on. First we got sno cones from the coolest sno cone truck. We got to choose our flavor and put it on ourselves. I saw so many kids putting every flavor imaginable on. (gross!) They were good but they were no Jerry's!
Then we did some Arts and Crafts. Jackson painted a fish. I was very impressed with the amount of time that he took on it (and the amount of glitter that he put on it!). He stayed in the lines so well.
Then he added the finishing touch-about 100 stickers!
Hudson decided he would rather eat some markers than color his picture. That boy had marker EVERYWHERE! Ha!
Of course Jackson's favorite thing was the bouncy house!
He played until I was afraid he was going to pass out from heat exhaustion. I made him chug a bottle of water and then it was time to go home for some lunch and naps! (Yay for naps!)

Don't be looking for us on your next episode of Bass Masters. =)


mustard seeds said...

Well, who would have known to fish with cucumbers. We had fun watching him "fish".

Ben and Emily said...

Oh how fun! I saw it on the billboard, but didn't think it would be that cool!

Glad you all had a blast! Maybe next year he'll get "the big one"!