Friday, July 22, 2011

Phone Pic Post

Lost of my bloggy friends have done posts using their cell phone pics. Well, since we finally have decent phones, I thought I would catch us up using my phone pics from the past week.
The boys school called me last week and told me Huds had a fever. When we got home, this was his sad little face. We went to the weekend clinic the next day with a fever of 102.8. (yikes!) They couldn't find any infection so they believe he had a fever virus. Needless to say, this little boy got lots of snuggles!
Jason and Jackson went to Super Hero Saturday at the mall. It wasn't quite what they advertised, but Jackson didn't care. He had a blast spending the day with his Daddy all by himself!
He made this cool mask and played some games. His favorite part of the day was seeing the Chik-fil-a cow!
While the boys were at the mall, me and the sicky watched some SpongeBob and took a long much needed nap.
And why am I wearing glasses? Oh, It's because I have pink eye! It's super attractive!
Sunday night, Hudson was feeling MUCH better. The boys have gotten to be great friends lately. They love to play together and nighttime couch snuggles are their favorite!
Gotta love phone apps. Jackson loves Fatbooth. It has provided lots of laughs for the two of us! (We both
have the same simple sense of humor!)
And last but not least, someone has learned to take his clothes off! Lord help me.


mustard seeds said...

Sweet boys. I laughed out loud at the fat pic.

Heather said...

Your boys are precious!