Thursday, July 28, 2011

Walking In Memphis- "Stay"cation 2011

A couple weeks ago, we were planning a family vacation to St. Louis. At the last minute, we cancelled our plans and stayed in Memphis for a "stay"cation. (Beware, this is a long post with a TON of pictures!) I have to say, this was one of the "funnest" weekends I have had in a long time!
 Monday, we started our day in the best way possible....breakfast at our favorite doughnut shop. This little gem is a red velvet cake doughnut. Can we stand in awe of this amazing creation (and the numerous calories that it held!) I am still having dreams about this crazy good doughnut!
 Hudson ate his weight in doughnut holes! After he was all good and sugared up we headed downtown.
 Our first stop was the Peabody hotel to see the ducks. I remember as a little girl, I loved to see the ducks come out of the elevator, walk down their red carpet and plop into the fountain where they would swim the day away. I was so excited to experience this with my boys.
 After we saw the ducks, we headed to the Peabody roof to take pictures.
 The family!
 Jackson insisted on getting a little too close to the edge. He made his Mommy a nervous wreck while we were up there!
Next, we rode the trolley. As you can tell, Hudson was super excited. =)
I don't think  Jackson wiped that grin off his face the whole time we were on the trolley. He was in little boy heaven!
Another family shot, this time in front of our trolley.
We hopped off the trolley and headed to lunch at The Arcade. I have never been here but I think I have seen it in every movie ever filmed in Memphis. Super yummy food, next time we are in downtown Memphis this is definitely where I want to eat again!
Jackson had a cheeseburger (that he ate 3 bites of and then was "So full!")
And Hudson ate 1 french fry and was done with his lunch. He did grab my hand and decide to lay his precious little head on it....How sweet is he?
We hit up Beale Street and then headed back to our hotel. (When we were having insurance fix our floors in October, they put us in a hotel for a month. Jason signed us up for the Hilton rewards so we earned a free night stay at any Hilton.) We stayed at the Hampton Inn on Beale Street and I can not say enough good things about them. This was such a nice hotel.
We took advantage of their swimming pool and hot tub. I think we swam 3 or 4 times in 24 hour span. We swam so much that Jackson learned how to do this...
...That's right. My 4 year old that was TERRIFIED of the water at the beginning of the summer decided he wanted to swim by himself. As a former swimming lesson teacher, I could not be prouder of him!
 When we got out of the pool, I made the boys rest. I don't know how many times I heard Jackson say "I'm not tired, I don't want to sleep." But 5 minutes later, I looked over and saw...
 ...both boys passed out. That night we hung out, swam and ordered pizza from a local downtown pizzeria.
 Tuesday, we woke up and decided to go to the zoo for a few hours. (A few HOT hours!)
 We fed the birds....Hudson thought he was so big holding his own bird feeder.
 Jackson loved trying to "catch" a bird.
 I think this picture sums up how I felt the whole time I was trying to stay away from the birds feed the birds. I was feeling ok about the 1 little birds that was on my bird feeder but at the same time Jason clicked the picture a new bird came and dive-bombed me. That is the face of terror my friends! (and yes, this is serious...I am not playing. I thought everyone could use a good laugh. That's why I am putting this embarrassing picture up)
As we were heading out, Jackson needed to take a rest on the "Memphis Tiger" chair. We wore that little boy out! I am so glad that we stayed in town and had a little adventure. I hope it will be a weekend that our boys will remember...I know I will!


Amy said...

LOVE the bird picture! I took Jessica the other day to feed the birds to show her how much "fun" it was. While I was turned around talking to her, birds started dive bombing my arm, and I screamed! Jessica thought it was hilarious....

The Keegan's said...

Oh my word...that picture of you is priceless!!!! I love that Jason "caught" the moment! :) So glad you had a great time!

Ben and Emily said...

What an awesome idea! I love all the pictures and lol'd at the bird one!!

glad y'all had a nice staycation.