Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Time...

...No talk! Man, have we been busy this summer. My blog has fallen by the wayside. I thought I should get us caught up. So much going on...

1. I am still running but let me tell you, this heat is KILLING ME! Last week, 2 of my morning runs were in the low 70's and this girl got spoiled! This week, I feel like my body is rebelling! I start my trusty Hal Higdon training next week, so I am praying that we get a cold front and quick. =)

2. We have decided to bite the bullet and begin doing some updates around our house. What's to come this year? New roof, fence, and 2 new bathrooms. (Demolition and remodeling makes me SUPER nervous! Anyone else have that problem?) We aren't quite ready to bust the bathrooms out yet, so this weekend we started painting the boys bathroom. We wanted to enjoy it as much as we can until we are able to redo everything exactly how we want to. Stay tuned for pictures of their updated new bathroom (still with pink tile).

3. Jackson has started soccer! He had his first practice last week and can I just tell you have cute/funny it was. I'm not sure who had more fun-him or me! I was so excited for him.
He surprised me with how well he did. He said his favorite part was "dribbling" the ball and practicing making goals.
The mass chaos that is 4 year old soccer. Hilarious!
Hudson decided to be the water boy. (Although he didn't like when his brother took the water from him to drink. I need to fill him in on the fact that water boys give their water away. Note to self: Bring 2 water bottle next time!)

4. Hudson has discovered the world of accessorizing. You will frequently find him sporting either a hat, silly band, sunglasses, or all three.
Hudson has also grown to love his hand-me-down boots from Jackson. As soon as we get home from school, those boots go on! Here he is doing his best impersonation of the naked cowboy. Someone get that boy a guitar!

He is also showing his personality big time lately. He is definitely taking after Jackson in that he is hilarious! If he makes you laugh once, then he will continue doing whatever made you laugh. I will leave you with a video. The other day he asked to sit on the potty where he proceded to "push". He tried so hard to get something to happen. Enjoy! (Speaking of pink tile...Don't you love it?)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday School for 4 Year Olds

Today as we were leaving church, I asked Jackson what he learned in Sunday School. Usually this is followed by a "Nothing." or "I dunno.". Today he told me he learned about tornadoes. (Huh?) Puzzled, I continued to question him.
Mommy: "What do you mean tornadoes?"
Jackson: "See Jesus was in a boat and he was taking a nap and it was a terrible storm and maybe there was a tornado." (Told with only the dramatic voice that Jackson could tell a story with.)
Mommy: "And did Jesus tell that storm to stop?"
Jackson: "No. Jesus told that water to 'Be quiet.' and it did."
Mommy: "Why do you think that the storm stopped?"
Jackson: "Cause he's Jesus. He can do anything."

And there you have it...Sunday School from a 4 year old!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Pin Or Not to Pin...That is the Question!

Ok so time has been consumed by Pinterest. (I am probably one of the last bloggers on the face of the planet to discover this little gem!) OH MY WORD...It is so fun and a little obsessive. I have found all kinds of great ideas for my home decorating, DIY ideas, and of course my favorite thing in the world-birthday party plans! Do you pinterest? If you don't come join the HERE and see what you are missing.

(Attention Mom...I am going to need you to join. I promise you will thank me!)