Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Pin Or Not to Pin...That is the Question!

Ok so time has been consumed by Pinterest. (I am probably one of the last bloggers on the face of the planet to discover this little gem!) OH MY WORD...It is so fun and a little obsessive. I have found all kinds of great ideas for my home decorating, DIY ideas, and of course my favorite thing in the world-birthday party plans! Do you pinterest? If you don't come join the HERE and see what you are missing.

(Attention Mom...I am going to need you to join. I promise you will thank me!)


Anna Pearson said...

I will not click on the link, I will not click on the link, I will not click on the link. I have vowed for now to resist the complete urge and temptation to explore this new time-sucker because I KNOW I'd be totally hooked.

Lelia♥ said...

Hi, I found you and your blog thru pinterest. This is important, cause I JUST found pinterest too and its so amazing :) Hope you have a great day. BTW, mighty handsome boys you have :)