Saturday, September 24, 2011

29 and Soccer Time

Thursday, I turned 29. (That was the last birthday I will celebrate. I will now have anniversaries. Next year will be the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday. Ha!) The day started out at work. My co-workers were so sweet. They knew that I was trying to watch what I eat, so they got me Skinny Cow ice cream bars instead of cake-I love those girls!

That night we went to Jackson's first soccer game. (The first game was last week but he was sick)
Ok, 4 year-old soccer is about the funnest thing in the world to watch. Here they are at the beginning of the game listening to every word that Coach Daniel said.
After the game got on, the attention seemed to wane a little. Here is Jackson with his finger in his mouth....
And here is Chloe making faces at her teammate. Hilarious!
Before the game was over, both coaches decided to throw all the kids out on the field and let them duke it out. (We don't have refs and we don't keep score....but I did, and we won!) It was mass chaos!
Shawn and Hudson hung out and he did his favorite thing in the world, hang out with his Aunt and talk on her phone.
After the game everyone got oranges. Isn't that what everyone has to eat after soccer?
The birthday girl and her soccer boy. 
 The fam.
After the game, we went and ate with my parents and my sis. When we got home, Jason and the boys had one more birthday surprise for me. They got me an armband for my phone and earbuds so that I can listen to music when I run. He knows me too well. I don't need anything expensive. Just a little happy. I had the best day...I am one lucky girl!


Ben and Emily said...

Happy birthday to you!!!

I love the orange face! Too cute! Glad they "won"!

Morgan Holt said...

You look great Shannon! keep it up, girl! It's funny you said something about having oranges after his soccer game. That's the one thing that Dean remembers about playing soccer when he was younger were the orange slices you received as a snack after the game! HA! Happy Birthday!

Jessica Kenney said...

Remember our soccer team! We were awesome! Fun times! :) Hope you had a great birthday!