Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Small Fry Tri

Last weekend, Jackson was in his first race. The Bartlett Small Fry Triathlon-run, bike and "swim" (you'll see what I mean in just a bit).
We got there bright and early and checked in. Pinned on his number, got his bike tires aired up with "fast air" and we headed to the starting line.
Look at all those kids lined up ready to go...Jackson looks like he is praying.
And they're off. Each kid was aloud one "personal trainer" on the course, so I got to run Jackson's first race with him.
After the run, we headed to the bike transition area.
That is Jackson's look of determination!
Then it was off to the "swim" which was a 100 m dash through the coolest sprinklers I have ever see!
Crossing the finish line
High-Fives from the Fam.
They had the sweetest little awards ceremony where each kid went on stage and was presented a medal for doing such a great job.
Jackson was SO proud of his medal. He has worn it almost everyday since his race.
And what outing with these 2 boys is not complete without a bounce house. Jackson loved it...
Hudson was unsure. He couldn't stand up with all the big kids around him.
We had the best day!
Jackson, I am so proud of you! You did such a great job in your first race!
And for your viewing pleasure...feel free to watch the whole race. My favorite is at the end he asks if he can do it again. So cute!


Allyson said...

That is the cutest tri ever! Too bad our races aren't as awesome, huh? Jackson looks like he had a fabulous time!

Jessica Kenney said...

That is awesome!! Do they do it every year?

Jessica said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Now, Shannon...were you barefoot and running??? Just had to ask!

Shannon said...

Thanks guys!
Jessica K.- They do it every year. I think Germantown may have one coming up. Your boys would LOVE it!

Jessica-How observant of you. =)Like a dope, I wore flip flops. I started the race wearing those and half way through the run, kicked them off and carried them the rest of the way while running barefoot. I will be more prepared next year!