Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Post of Jackson-isms

Jackson has been KILLING me lately. Nothing he says is "right" but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are 2 funnies that he has said this weekend...

His last soccer game was Thursday night and geez Louise was it cold. Jackson, bless his heart, has been cursed with my sensitive skin. A one hour game in the cold temps and he came home with chapped skin. (He will keep this until about March just like me when I was a little girl.) His little cheeks and around his mouth was SO red. When we walked in the door, the heat from the house hit his face and must have started burning...
Jackson: (starting to whimper) "Mommy my face is hurting."
Mommy: "Let me see. Oh, your skin is chapped."
Jackson: "I need my Auto Zone."
Mommy: "You what?"
Jackson: "It's in my bathroom, I'll be right back."
While he was gone, Jason and I were wracking our brain to figure out what Auto Zone was. He comes back with a tube of...Cortisone. We rubbed on a little Cortisone and Aquaphor and all was right with the world.

Last night, we went and ate at Jason's parents house. One of our sides was creamed corn. (One of my favorite foods!) Jackson kept complaining that he didn't like his corn. His cousin Reed needed him to know that it wasn't just corn...
Jackson: "I don't want to eat my corn...It's nasty."
Mommy: "No, it's good eat it up."
Reed: "Jackson it's not corn. It's corn on the cob."
Jackson: "Uh-uh it's not corn on the cob, Reed. It's corn on the plate!"

Oh this boy kills me!

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