Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a fun weekend we had. It all started Thursday with Jackson's soccer game.
"Too Cool for School" Hudson made his appearance. 
Jackson and his friend Logan were paying more attention to something in the grass than the game that was going on. Wonder what they were looking at?...
A nasty cricket. Gag! Once I looked over and Jackson was holding the cricket and Logan was squirting it with water. I guess they thought he needed a drink. (I'm pretty sure the poor cricket was drowned).

Friday, we had "Family Date Night". We got take-out and watched "Thor". Oh my word, have you seen that movie? It was SO good. It also doesn't hurt that Chris Helmsworth is SUPER attractive! 
Saturday morning, I hit the streets before anyone was awake. (I need to work on my self-picture taking. I have along way to go before I am as good as Skinny Runner.) I did 6.3 miles. I am getting closer every week to my goal of 13.1!
That afternoon we went to our cousin William's birthday party. All the kids painted and decorated pumpkins.
Jackson working hard on his painting.
The finished product. They look so cute on my mantel if I do say so myself.

Sunday was church, lunch, and wallpaper removal. (Stay tuned to a big room change!) Can we somehow get a weekend to recooperate from the weekend?


Mommyblogger said...

Those pumpkins are REALLY cute!!!

hotpants™ said...

I bought Thor the other day, but haven't watched yet. Can't wait!