Monday, November 21, 2011

Hudson's Birthday-Part 1

Saturday, my sweet little Hudson Boo turned 2. I am still baffled that he is two. I decided to split his birthday up into two seperate posts (there are just WAY too many pictures from his party to put in this one!)
Friday afternoon, we celebrated Hudson's birthday at his school with his cute little friends. I brought cupcakes and had fun hanging out with the birthday boy.
All his friends liked to just lick the icing...but not Hudson. Oh no, he inhaled his cupcake...and then asked for another! His teacher informed me that he is the only one in the class that she can count on the always eat his food. She said that that day, he ate 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast, 2 plates of lunch, and 2 bowls of yogurt for snack (and then a cupcake...geez Louise! I am afraid he will be my teenager that will eat me out of house and home!
Huds and his sweet teacher Ms. Christine.
Saturday morning, Hudson woke up so happy. It was like he knew it was his day!
I made him birthday cinnamon rolls...
...and the 3 of us sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He blew out his candles and made a wish.
We enjoyed the rest of the morning hanging out and getting ready for his birthday party.


Ben and Emily said...

Can't believe he's 2 already either! I love the cinnamon roll "cake"!

Mommyblogger said...

He's 2 now but will be a teen before you know it. I swear time just zips by. He's such a cutie. Be glad he eats, sign of a healthy growing boy. My pre-teen daughter won't eat anything. It worries me to death. My 1 year old son is a different story though. He eats everything not tied down, even if it isn't eadible! Can't wait to see the party pictures ;)