Monday, November 7, 2011

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week!

Are you ready to hear about my "incredible" week? Well then buckle up, buttercup! In true Haynes family tradition we had another holiday flop. If you remember, last Thanksgiving was spent in the hospital with Hudson due to a siezure. Jackson didn't want to be left out, so he decided that Halloween would work for him as far as going to the hospital.

Saturday, Jackson came down with a little cold. Nothing to be alarmed about-no fever, clear runny nose, and a tiny little cough. By Sunday, his little cold turned into something very serious. Over the last year, anytime Jackson gets sick he always ends up needing breathing treatments. I was prepared that this would be the case. He had 3 treatments Sunday afternoon and seemed to be feeling better. Sunday night he slept with me so I could keep an eye on him. At midnight, I noticed him having a VERY hard time breathing. Jason and I had the hardest time figuring out what to do. Did we go to the ER or wait until the Dr.'s office opens in a few hours. Does anyone else have that problem? We gave him one more breathing treatment which didn't help at all. That made a very easy decision for us...time to go to the ER. We got go Lebonheur at 1:00 am on Monday (Halloween).They took us right back and did a heavy duty breathing treatment (3x the albuterol).
That didn't work (his breathing was SO labored) so they quickly did another one and put in an IV to start fluids. That didn't work either. At this point I am freaking out! After a few hours, his Dr. decided to admit him and do breathing treatments all through the day and night. At this point Jackson was SUPER bummed about not being able to go to his party at church that night. Never fear though, Lebonheur took care of their patients.
They were giving costumes away to all their patients (I mean, how cool is that?). Jackson told us he still wanted to be Thor, so Jason ran home and packed a bag for me and Jackson and got his costume. He even put Hudson in his costume so they could celebrate Halloween together.Here are Thor and Hulk doing a little hospital bed playing.
After lunch, the Halloween festivities started. They did what they call "reverse Trick-or-Treating". All the different areas of the hospital came to the patients rooms and brought them candy.
Incredible Hulk had fun exploring Jackson's room. Hudson even got to "Trick or Treat" with Jackson which he LOVED!
Jackson had fun but he was SO worn out and was still not feeling well. This is one of the few smiles I saw while we were there.
One fun thing that happened is Hudson told Jason he needed to go potty and he went! Yea Hulk!
Jason and Hudson went home and Jackson ordered dinner. He finally fell asleep after almost 24 hours awake-that albuterol will really mess you up. When his food came, he couldn't stay awake. He would fall asleep after every bite of food he took. Poor guy! He got a good nights sleep and woke up the next morning feeling MUCH better.
We took a little walk around the hospital...
...and went to art class where we made this "Thankful wreath". (I love that he said he was thankful for green beans. I wasn't aware that he liked green beans.)
Tuesday night, we were discharged and headed home. These 2 boys were so glad to be reunited. 

Wednesday, we went back to our pediatrician. They decided to put Jackson on an inhaled steroid everyday in attempts to not ever be in the hospital again. I am praying it works.

Thursday, Hudson woke up with the stomach virus. Luckily his didn't last too long. Friday, he was feeling a little better- we decided to lay low at home and Clorox everything! Saturday, we went to a birthday party and came home to have family movie night. In the middle of our movie, Jackson then got the stomach virus. He was sick ALL. NIGHT. LONG! So, there is our week. Oh, I forgot to say that during this whole week of "fun", I have had an upper respiratory infection. I am exhausted and really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after an unexpected week off. I am ready for life to be back to normal! Praying that this week is uneventful.

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Ben and Emily said...

Oh my word...what an awfully eventful week. I'm glad Jackson is feeling better today and hope that the new meds work. Bless his poor heart.

That was awesome of Labonheur to do the whole Halloween thing! So glad he didn't miss out on too much.