Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st Day of School in November?

Jackson had his first day of Jr. Kindergarten Tuesday. Yes, I realize it is November and school has been in session for 3 months. Jason and I had been discussing lately-public school or private? We have been going back and forth. If we go to public school, we need to sell our house and move to a little bit better school district and if we go private, can we afford it? We had been praying about it and found what I feel like is the perfect school for our family (and it is a private school if you were wondering) however it was VERY hard to get into. We have been on a waiting list for 3.5 months (Hudson is still on the waiting list for his class). Finally, while Jackson was in the hospital, we got the call we have been waiting on. A spot opened up in their Jr. K class! YEA!!!
This weekend we went to get all his supplies and his super cool, new camo backpack. Tuesday, was the day...the BIG day! The first day at his new school. He was so nervous (and so was his Mommy!).
Jason took the boys to separate schools for the first time ever. Jason said that he was really shy when he dropped him off. (Knowing Jackson's personality he will probably be shy for at least 2 weeks and then he will be his normal self-he takes a while to warm up to new situations.)
When I picked him up, I took him to get yogurt by himself! It gave us a chance to talk about his day just the two of us-this was such a BIG deal to Jackson. He leaned over once and rubbed my face and told me he was having a great "first date" with me. (Where does he come up with this stuff?) I am praying he had a wonderful day today so that I can stop worrying the whole time he is gone. I get so nervous for him!


Morgan Holt said...

YAY for Jackson! Interested to know where you decided to put him. Not sure you know this but Emmersen is no longer at Harding! We have her at ECS and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You do what is right for your family and if he's doing well then you know it's perfect!

Ben and Emily said...

Awesome!! I know y'all had a tough decision and it sounds like you made a greatone!

I love that y'all had a great first date! Such wonderful memories.