Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

(Finally getting to Christmas Day just in time for 2012!)
Christmas day was so busy yet so fun! The boys slept in to 7:00. (and yes, sadly that is sleeping in for them!) They were DYING to see what Santa brought them.
Down the hall they went. I have to say this was the best Christmas morning we have had yet. Jackson was SO excited about everything. I think he followed everything with "I have wanted this my whole life." whether it was his light saber or the pack of underwear he got.

Hudson really enjoyed the wrapping paper.
After playing with our toys and eating breakfast, it was time to get ready for church. We had our own Christmas miracle happen when all 4 of us where able to get ready for church in under an hour-and that includes all 4 of us taking showers/baths!
How handsome are they in their Christmas church clothes?
We quickly came home, changed clothes, and hit the road to see Jason's parents in Brownsville.
We ate a yummy lunch and opened more presents. (Our boys are def. spoiled!) Hudson got a light saber from Mamaw and Papaw just like Jackson's
The weather was so gorgeous that we played outside for a long time with our new presents....had to get a little Jedi practice in.
There may have been some accidents, but all Jedis have to learn how to use the force. 
We watched movies, played Wii and enjoyed visiting with each other. 
 I looked down and realized Hudson CRASHED. He slept in the floor for over an hour. We left and headed back to Memphis, exhausted but so full of joy. We had one of the best Christmas weekends ever!

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