Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Fun

December has always been busy, but for some reason I feel like this has been a busier December than most. I feel like every day brings a Christmas party or something that is due for a Christmas party/ performance. (Note to self: Must get organized!) This weekend was a busy one-but we had a blast!
Saturday morning was a treat. Jackson has been BEGGING for pancakes. So I decided to break out the handy dandy Bisquick and we had reindeer pancakes. (Thank you pintrest for the idea!!! You made 2 boys super happy with these bad boys.)
Saturday night, we had family date night. We went to Alpine Village. This is quickly becoming my boys favorite thing to do at Christmas time. Jackson has been asking for months if we were going to go this year. If you are in the Memphis area, next year please look into this event. It is so much fun, and completely free!
 Jackson has his ticket and is ready to go!
 No trip to Alpine Village is complete without pictures in the Snowman. Here is Hudson the Snowman...
...and Jackson the Snowman.
Our first thing to do at Alpine Village was Santa (of course) I have to say this is the best picture we have ever gotten! Please feel free to check out the last few years...2008 & 2009 and 2010. (I think 2008 and 2009 are my favorite-they are hilarious!)
 We made our magical reindeer food
And played in the snow.
Hudson was hilarious. If someone threw snow on him, he would stand there for a few minutes cleaning himself off. It never failed, that as soon as he got clean someone would throw snow all over him and he would have to start cleaning himself off again. He was SO frustrated (Check out the face in the can see the frustration written all over him!)
We met a shepherd and he told the boys how worshipped Jesus on the first Christmas. They listened so closely to every word that he said.
We also met the 3 wise men. They showed the boys the gifts they brought to Jesus. (I love hands-on learning!)
Sunday morning we went to church, ate lunch and then home to take naps. We had to be well rested because Jackson had his first Christmas program. The preschool choir at our church sang in the evening service. I have never heard anything sweeter...those precious voices singing praises to our Lord.
Jackson did so well. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable but he sang and even smiled!
Monday was a normal day around the house complete with running several errands to get things for Jackson's school Christmas program. That night we had Grinch quesadillas (idea from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons). I may begin to make faces on all their food because they ate every bite! We are enjoying the holiday season-trying to soak in every bit of it since it is so cram packed with busy-ness!


Ben and Emily said...

You are such a fun mom! I love the Grinch and Reindeer! What is his nose made out of ?

Shannon said...

I just made a tiny pancake and colored the batter with red food coloring