Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burlap Door Decoration

For Christmas, I made all the girls in our families snowman burlap door decorations (that is 6 snowmen). I have had several people ask me on Facebook how I made them, so I thought I would give a step-by-step instructions.

I have seen several people selling them around town and on etsy for $20-$40. They are super cute and super easy-trust me, I am not artistic at all! Give it a whirl, you and your front door will be glad you did.
First, cut out your template. I used a large popcorn bowl to make the face and then I free-handed the carrot nose and the hat.

Fold your burlap over. Trace the template on one side of the burlap with a sharpie. Since you folded the burlap, you cut the 2 shapes out at the same time. This will assure that both shapes are mirror images of each other. Remember when you cut them, flip them to where the sides you want to be "outside" are the ones that will be painted on.
I painted the front and the back with white paint as kind of a primer-I used acrylic craft paint. (Please excuse the piece of cardboard that I paint on. I don't have a craft room so I paint on the floor while the boys play. My next home will have a craft area!) The primer makes painting faces, etc. much easier!
Time to make your burlap come to life. I painted another coat of white for the face and then painted the hat.
I don't sew so I hot glued him together. I took the back panel, flipped it over so the painted side was facing out, and glued a little loop of ribbon so he can be hung. Take the top panel and lay it on top of the bottom and start glueing his edges together (only glue the edges!).
Once you get half-way done, start stuffing with plastic grocery bags to give him a little shape. I am somewhat of a plastic bag hoarder. I never seem to be at a loss for them (does anyone else hoard grocery bags?) Continue the glueing until you get a small opening and stuff a few more bags in. Finish glueing him together.
And there you have it. I super-easy (and inexpensive) DIY door hanger. Isn't he cute?


Trisha @ said...

Stopping by from TT&J. He's super cute and such fun!

emily said...

Very cute! you're so creative!!