Monday, January 23, 2012

Hudson- 2 Year Update

I know Hudson has been 2 since November but I need to update on what he is doing!

Height: 36 inches (90th percentile)-Super excited about how tall he is now. Our Dr. said he may be about 6 ft tall when he is done growing! That is wonderful considering Jason and I are both 5'6.
Weight: 32 lbs. (90th percentile)
Nicknames: HudsonBoo, Hunky, Huds

What are you up to now?:
*If I say "What is your name?" You always answer "I name Hunky Haynes."So, that is what we call you now. I have a feeling we will be calling you this when you are a teenager. Also, if I say "Hudson are you scared?" or "Hudson, are you a big boy?" you always reply "No, I Hunky Haynes." Hilarious!

 *You are talking up a storm. I would be here all day is I had to type all the things you say. You say them in your own sweet little way too.You pronounce things wrong and it is precious. Daddy is "Gaddy"...stop it is "gop it"...firetruck is "giregruck". All the consonants are mixed up. Some of your favorite phrases are: "Why?" (to everything) and "Yuuup!" (just like Dave Hester from Storage Wars).

*You can count to 12 and sing your ABC's. You know all your body parts and what every animal says. Other songs you love to sing are "Jingle Bells" and "You Are Holy".

*You started going to Jackson's new school last week and you have adjusted SO well!
*You are now in a big boy bed and sleep so much better than you were in your crib. (more on his room when it is finished.)

*You have officially hit the terrible 2s. Lord, help us the sassiness is sometimes too much to take!

*You love to smile and make others smile.

*You are usually a pretty good eater. You love to eat french fries, fruit, cheese, and most vegetables. The last thing you usually eat on your plate is meat though.

You are one precious little boy. You add so much joy and excitement to our family. I can't wait to see what the future hold for you little boy!


Jill said...

That is so funny--"No, I hunky Haynes" in response to everything. :) My also-two-year-old does the same thing--When we ask her questions like that, she says, "I just Boo." (She has named herself after the little girl in Monsters, Inc.) Maybe it's a two-year-old thing? So cute.
from Jill Made It

mustard seeds said...

So precious. Love my little Hunky.