Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are a few random things for your Tuesday...

*I am totally obsessed with Big Bang Theory. It is quite ridiculous! (It makes me feel smarter for watching it.) I started watching it recently now that they show re-runs on TBS almost every night of the week! Sheldon makes me smile...Bazinga!

*I'm afraid that my snowman I made for our front door is going to be the only snow wee see this year. It has been in the upper 60s the past few days. We have had some fun getting out and playing at the park though!

*Jackson is doing SO WELL in school. He started a little later in the year than all the other kids so he has been a bit behind from the start. Today his teacher told me how well he has done just in the last week. He even read a few words to me tonight! This is MAJOR progress for him! I couldn't be prouder of my big boy!

*I am in a "Pinterest Challenge" on my friend Allison's blog. Go here to check it out...and of course feel free to vote for me! Just leave a comment on my post. And also check out her blog. She is a pretty awesome girl.

That is all for your Tuesday evening. What am I doing tonight? Watching Big Bang Theory of course. =)

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emily said...

I've just started watching The Big Bang show and it's hilarious! I need to start from the beginnig.

I'm so glad J is doing so well in school!! I bet he's teacher's dream to have.