Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Week Catch-Up

We have been SUPER busy the last 2 weeks. Having a new puppy in the house is very close to having a newborn. I am worn out from taking care of him (and my other 3 boys!). Here are some things we have been up to...

Tuesday, Feb 7th: We brought "Sheldon" home. He is somewhat of a toy hoarder. We have found he LOVES tennis balls and has since destroyed the other 2 toys in the picture. We will be going tomorrow to make his name tag and get him some "sturdier" toys.

Wednesday, Feb 8th: "Sheldon" officially changed back to Pete (his name at the animal shelter). For some reason, the boys woke up this morning calling him Pete. Pete was easier for Huds to say, so Pete it is!

Thursday, Feb 9th: Found out today when I was picking Jackson up that we needed to make a Valentine box for his party the next day. We googled "valentine boxes" and found several ideas. Jackson decided he wanted a monster.
He loved how it turned out, he was very proud of it!

Friday, Feb 10th: The boys had their Valentine parties at school.
I had fun getting to meet Hudson's little friends and his teachers. He is LOVING his new school and has already learned alot.
Jackson had fun getting all his goodies. His favorite goody (besides the TON of candy he came home with) are these silly glasses.

Saturday, Feb 11th: Jackson has been dying to see Star Wars. Everytime a commercial comes on, he watches the TV with a blank stare totally in awe of the greatness of Star Wars. (I think I have lost him to the dark side!)
While Hudson took a nap, Jason decided to surprise Jackson with a little "man date" and go to the movies.
Jason said he LOVED it. He may have spilled his $4.00 coke and had to go to the bathroom 2 times, but he a blast with his Daddy.
While the boys were on their "man date", Huds and I had fun hanging out at home and being lazy.

Tuesday, Feb 14th: We spent a very boring romantic night at home. I made one of Jason's favorite things for dinner, chicken fajitas, and then we hung out and watched The Big Bang Theory all night. See I told you it was romantic. We exchanged presents and can I tell you how good Jason did? He didn't get me flowers or chocolates, he got me something better.....
...a brand new U of M car decal and a Bazinga shirt. Does he know me or what? Man, I love that guy!

And last but now least, the boys have discovered the old school Hip Hop CD that Jason has in his truck. Here they are loving some Tone Loc (please ignore the nasty coughing fit about halfway through)...
So, that catches us up to current day Haynes household.

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