Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Day and a +1 for the Haynes!

So far we have had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday morning was one of the boys favorite things to do...the kids workshop at Home Depot! And I love it too because it is totally free. What I don't like about it is after the workshop we always end up walking through Home Depot and buy something we "have to have" (Very smart Home Depot, appeal to the kids and the parents will come and buy things.) Anyway, yesterday the project was a valentine box.
I appreciated that all it took was wood glue. I am not the best with a hammer and a nail and since I am in charge of helping one kid, wood glue makes me happy!
Hudson loves it too. He is finally old enough to really participate.
They worked so hard on their boxes. They turned out to be masterpieces! (Aren't they cute in their little Home Depot aprons?)

When we got done. Jason and I found out we are going to be parents again.
We adopted a dog! (I had ya there for a second didn't I!...No more kids for right now.) We went to the animal shelter Friday to look but we forgot to check their hours. They were closed. So we went as soon as they opened Saturday. The whole experience of picking an animal from an animal shelter is overwhelming! You walk through and all of them are dying for your attention. I started tearing up at first. I wanted to take all of them home. There were two brothers in a cage that I saw immediately. They stuck with me the whole time and they are the ones we decided to look at. It was so hard to choose between the two. The one we chose was not scared of the boys, would play some but really wanted to be held and cuddled (and it was the one who licked my win!)
Here is our little precious man!
I stole this off the animal shelters face book page.
As of right now, he is nameless. His name at the shelter was Pete. We wanted to name him Sheldon (since I love Big Bang Theory) but I'm not sure he looks like a Sheldon. Jackson thinks he should be named Silly, Nathan, Iron Man, R2D2, Darth Vader or Captain America. (Hmmm, not sure about those either) In the running for us is Barkley, Pete, Sheldon, Tiger, Bandit, Jude, and Ace. (Feel free to help us out with this and add any more suggestions in the comments!)

Of course we had to go buy puppy stuff last night. We let each boy pick out one toy for little "no name".
Jackson chose a rope... (Out of all the toys there and he got him a rope) 
...and Huds got a squirrel with a squeaker. He calls it "puppy lovey". Huds loves his lovey so it is only appropriate for him to get the puppy a lovey.

Today, we are getting our house in order for the puppy to come home. Once he is neutered we will go pick him up. I'm thinking that will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm so ready to have him home with his family!

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emily said...

Awwww....he has the sweetest face!!! I'm sure he'll be an awesome part of your family! Sheldon is a great name! :)