Monday, February 6, 2012


We have been cleaning our house like maniacs trying to get ready for our new puppy. Today, I called Jason and joked that I am in nesting mode. This morning, I changed out a light bulb which led to me cleaning out all the light fixtures globes/covers.
Don't all dogs care if there are dead bugs/ dust on the light fixtures?

My next project for today has been to organize our laundry room. (Again, doesn't every dog care if your laundry room is in order?) Last year, we had a major plumbing issue. When we would do laundry, our laundry room would always flood. Our insurance ended up fixing the plumbing problem and also redoing our laundry room. New sheet rock, new cabinets, new paint, redoing all the hardwood floors in the back of our house...New, all new!
 This is what it looked like last year. The bad part of about our neighborhood is that laundry rooms are almost non-existent. We are lucky to actually have a laundry room, but what we have is SO SMALL!!!!
The laundry room was where we put everything that did not have a home. Well today, all that changed! Everything has a home.
 Here is what it looks like today... Nice, tidy, clean!
I wanted to pass this trick along. I have a picture frame/corkboard that I wanted to hang. I hate trying to figure out where to put the nails so it hangs just right. I put a dab of toothpaste where I wanted the nails. I held it up to the wall and when I had it exactly where I wanted it, just tap it on the wall. Put your nails where the toothpaste is, then wipe the toothpaste off the wall and picture frame and hang. Seriously, what usually takes me FOREVER, took me 2 minutes today!
I love it!
This is what my shelves look like now. Neat and organized...
...Even "Pete" has a spot.
We have been keeping all our left-over paint in our laundry room. We had a ton of nearly empty paint cans. I had some baby food jars that I put "samples" in. (Just in case we need to touch up an area). I also wrote down the colors and formulas for every room. I wrote them on labels and put on one piece of paper. This alleviated a ton of space!
I also love that we have Puppy food all ready to go. I am so ready to get this little guy home with us.


emily said...

Looks great! I love the new laundry room color too.

Thanks for the hanging picture tip. Very helpful.

mustard seeds said...

Well look at you go! Everything looks so nice and neat. Come organize for me, now. I know he will be glad to come home to a tidy place. The tip about toothpaste is a great one. Who would have thought?