Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Soup"er Sunday

Sunday, we had the greatest time attending Youth Villages Soup Sunday at the Fed Ex Forum. We have a friend that works for Youth Villages who gave us tickets. I also won 2 tickets on the radio so my parents used those. (There I go winning something else!)
No trip to the Fed Ex Forum is complete without playing on the giant balls out front! (My kids also like the giant red balls out front of Target. Anyone else's kids love those?)
This is just a sampling of what I ate. We had soup and appetizers from over 50 restaurants. My stomach was pretty darn full when we left.
After we ate, we headed over to the Kid's Area to let them play and burn off some energy. They were super excited to see Rocky Redbird. We made HUGE steps in the Haynes household that one was terrified of the giant bird! That is big time.
After we ate, we needed to burn some calories so we walked a few blocks over to the Peabody Hotel (or "The Pee Potty" as Jackson likes to call it) to see the ducks swim in the fountain.
The boys LOVE watching the ducks. Jackson was very concerned with a pair of ducks that were "fighting". (...And by "fighting", I mean consummating their little ducky marriage.) I was not ready to have the birds and the bees talk today, so we left the "fighting" ducks and went to the roof to give their Mommy a heart attack to look over the building.
There were only 2 "getting too close to the edge" scares today. It was the most beautiful day and the Peabody rooftop is one of my favorite places in Memphis....That makes me one happy girl!
We came back downstairs and sat in the lobby. Hudson thought this fountain was great. He liked to mimic what the lion was doing. I thought his little face was too cute.
I had some hot chocolate and Mom and Dad bought some Dinstuhl's chocolate in the gift shop that Jackson devoured we all shared. (Alyson, You are right, that hot chocolate is WONDERFUL!!!) I can't wait til the next time I can get my hands on some of that hot chocolate!

We had such a great time at Soup Sunday. I encourage all my Memphis friends to attend next year. You (and your tummy) won't be sorry.

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The Keegan's said...

I love your post...and so glad y'all could come...but you forgot to photoshop me out of that picture!!!! LOL!!!! :)