Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A few Funnies

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I like to document the things my kids say. I am terrible about keeping up with their baby books, so this i the way I remember. The boys have been killing me lately. Jason and I are always wondering where they come up with the stuff they say.

*My worst nightmare has happened. Jackson has a girlfriend. He has met the little 5 year-old next door and is in love! He played with her for over an hour on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, he was sitting in time out on his bed. Jason walked by his room and caught him looking out the window (which is not allowed if you are in time out.):
Daddy: "Jackson, you know you don't get to look out the window if you are in time out, right?"
Jackson: "Yes (sighing and propping his head with his arm), but it is such a beautiful day. I bet my girlfriend is playing outside and wondering where I am."
He's got it...and he's got it bad!

*Hudson is learning so much in school. Every week his vocabulary grows and grows. They must be working on spelling their names. This weekend, we were driving and out of the blue he says:
Hudson: "H-Y-N-E-S...Hunky" (and then burst into applause!)
I hated to tell him he was spelling his last name and not his first name like he thought. (I also hated to tell him he was missing the "A".)
*I was just telling Jackson that we needed to go pick out their Easter outfits today. (I needed to prepare him that we would be going "boring" shopping and not "fun" shopping like going to Toys R Us or PetSmart to look at the hamsters and fish):
Jackson: "What are we doing today?"
Mommy: "We are going to go pick out some Easter outfits."
Jackson: "I know what outfit I want. I want Iron Man!"
Mommy: "No Jax, not a costume. Like something dressy."
Jackson: "Iron Man is dressy. He is kinda shiny. Isn't that dressy?"

Being in a house with these boys, we are never short on the laughs.

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Love the Jackson alredy has a girlfriend! How cute.