Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!"

(get ready for photo overload) Saturday was Jackson's 3rd favorite day of the year (behind Christmas and his birthday party day)...John Deere Day! Jackson and I were battling ear infections and sinus infections but we stayed strong and had fun anyway.
On the way there, we heard some Kenny Chesney on the radio to get us in the mood. Jackson was belting out "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy". I was amazed (and some what horrified) that he knew that song.
We got there and ate our Bar-b-q and started having fun immediately! We visited the balloon guy. (Huds got a fishing pole with a fish and Jax got a spaceship.)
We rode ponies...
...and lawn mowers.
Jackson slid down the huge slide...
...and Hudson played in the corn.
Jackson got tattoos on his bulging biceps.
I stuck with the traditional tattoo on the hand.
Hudson hung out with Buddy...
...while Jackson jumped on the trampoline and did backflips.
(Please enjoy this video and the realness that is having a 2 year old in public. Hudson went before Jackson on the trampoline but would not let the guys put the harness on him. It became Jackson's turn when Hudson wouldn't cooperate. Life was so tough for little Hudson at that moment. Terrible 2's can be so much fun!)
We had SOOO much fun
It is crazy how much these two boys love tractors!
They have already started asking when is next year's John Deere Day! It can't come quick enough for them.

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emily said...

This looks like heaven for your little men! How fun!!

I love the last picture of J and H! They're getting so big!!

Hope y'all are feeling better.