Saturday, March 17, 2012

Star of the Week

Last week, Jackson was Star of the Week. He got to bring a poster to school , he got to be line leader (which was the best part for him...he LOVES to be line leader), and we also took his favorite snack (Iced Lofthouse cookies) for all his little friends to enjoy.
 He was VERY particular about how he wanted his poster to look. He knew exactly what he wanted...camo, orange, and blue, nothing embarrassing, and not many baby pictures.
 He helped me cut out the pictures and he chose exactly where they would go.
 He told me the questions he wanted on his star. (I love his sweet handwriting!)
favorite color: blue
favorite movie: Iron Man
favorite clothes: camo (Hilarious!)
favorite toy: Legos
favorite activity: paint (again, hilarious!)
favorite food: green beans (again, there are those green beans. Out of EVERYTHING in the world...apparently the green bean is his favorite!)
The finished product- it screams Jackson! I am SO proud of my little super star!

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