Monday, April 30, 2012

Brand New John

Since we moved into this house, we have had a love/hate relationship with it. We LOVE the neighborhood and neighbors, that we can walk to the park, and the layout and openness of the house. We HATE the bathrooms, the roof, the fence, and that things break all the time. (We will be getting a new roof and siding in a few weeks, can't wait to show before and afters of that!) When we made the decision that the boys would be going to private school, we decided to stay in our home and do some updates so that we can enjoy it and continue to make it our own. We started with our bathroom because it had a leak (and was the biggest thorn in my side!). In October we started this project and today I am calling it done!
 This is the before picture! Brace is TERRIBLE!
 This was the wallpaper that was on the wall. Seriously, what would make someone to want to pick that out? It makes me nauseous and dizzy just looking at it.
 And baby blue toilet, sink...
 ...and tile. BLECH!
 And who wouldn't want a spot light on them while they are getting into and out of the shower?
The first thing to go was that toilet. Every time we have put something on the curb, it is gone within minutes. Not this toilet, it sat on the curb for a week until the next garbage day. I would like to personally apologize to the neighborhood for this eyesore for that week.
 Jason hired a friend of his, Shannon, from Brownsville and they tackled this project together!
 Brand new dry wall...It looks better already.
Looking in from our bedroom.
And this is what we have today! Welcome to my new favorite room in the house!
We decided not to get a shower door. We would have to special order one and I of course I wanted the most expensive door. We went with a shower curtain and I LOVE it! It is easy to clean and adds and extra pop of color to the bathroom.
Love the bronze fixtures. We also got rid of the spotlight and added recessed lighting in the shower stall.
We went with something different on the floor. I like how it turned out.
Do these look familiar Alyson? Thanks for selling these at your garage sale. Ha!
2 pictures of some silly boys in the bathtub.
Pedestal sink and pretty new mirror.
Oh new I love you! I am so excited with how this room turned out. Can't wait to tackle the boys bathroom! Got some BIG ideas (for their tiny bathroom).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Right of Passage

I feel like I am officially a Mom of a "school-ager" (as Jackson would say!). Last week, I chaperoned my first field trip. Jackson's class went to the Children's Museum of Memphis and I got to tag along and help out. The morning of the trip Jackson was super excited. He kept talking about it. (Hudson also thought that he was going to get to go.)
The Children's Museum of Memphis is awesome. It was around back in the dark ages (when I was a little girl) but it has changed so much. This was one of my favorite things when I was a girl. Grocery shopping and checking myself out. I loved watching what all the kids picked. Some chose all sweets and ice cream. Some chose sensible things. Jackson chose sensible things: laundry detergent, a can of tomatoes, a can of green beans and an orange. (He even asked if I would open the detergent to see what it smelled like so he could see if he wanted to buy it. I think he has seen me do that more than once.)
 He loved getting the receipt from his purchase.
 We wrote notes to each other and sent them through bank tubes. (Oh my word...I love that little hand.)
 He flew an airplane and I was his air-traffic controller.
 His class "fished" in the Mississippi River.
He climbed the rock wall. I think he may have a future as Spiderman, that boy shot up that rock wall with no problem.
 Of course, when he spotted the Wookie from Star Wars he HAD to have his picture made with him!
The highlight of the trip was dancing with his friends. They got a kick out of watching themselves on TV. Jackson also may have a future as a break dancer. (We are keeping our options open between Spiderman and a break dancer!)

I had the best day hanging out with my little buddy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Live In a Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend and got to see the new dinosaur exhibit. I spent some time on the way there explaining to the boys that dinosaurs were extinct.
Obviously, they weren't listening. This is Hudson's scared face.
 ...and this is Jackson's "I'm scared but you are making me smile for a picture" face.
After a few minutes and a movie about dinosaurs being "stinky" (or extinct) they finally warmed up to the big lizards.
 Hudson may or may not have fallen off the dinosaur after this picture. =( I am so glad he didn't get hurt. I can't imagine having to explain that he fell off a dinosaur when he hurt himself.
 Best. Picture. Ever!
 Jackson and Hudson had fun digging for bones.
 We love picnics!
 We got to see the grizzly bears eat...
...and then played in the fountain. Because no trip to the zoo is complete with out playing in the fountain!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mother Of Boys

 Kelly's Korner was spotlighting mothers of all boys. It got me thinking of what being a mommy to 2 silly boys means to me.
When I found out I was pregnant with Jackson, I have to be honest when I say I was terrified. Some of my friends in high school were boys and I have boy cousins but that was the extent of my knowledge of boys. I have a sister, was in a sorority full of girly girls, and even worked at an all girl school. What did I know about boys? To say I have been winging it would be an understatement.
So, what have I learned?
  • Boys are very cuddly!
  • Stepping on Legos and army men happens daily...and it hurts.
  • Iron Man uses a repulsor and arc light and Thor is awesome!
  • Tractors are meant to be green and yellow and no other color will do.
  • Peeing standing up and outside is one of the most fun things they could do.
  • Clothes that come in camo are all they need (with the occasional super hero shirt mixed in).
  • There is a difference in Star Trek and Star Wars (still not sure what the difference is, but apparently there is one!)
  • Bruises and scraped knees are war wounds. They are proud of them. Band-aids make them feel better, but they like to show them off.
  • Cowboy boots and wallets are the best accessory.
  • A day is wasted unless there is dirt caked under your finger nails and need 2 scrubbings during bath time.
  • Saying things like "Please wipe your boogers off the wall." or "Stop sitting on your brother's head!" are a part of daily life now.
  • And most important thing I have learned, I LOVE being a "boy mom"! I love the craziness. I love the loudness. I love the roughness (as long as someone doesn't get hurt!). I love it all. It hasn't been the easiest thing I have ever done, but there has never been a lack of excitement or love.
I adore being these boys Mommy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter In Pictures

We were SO busy during Easter (and I took a million pictures) so I thought I would do an Easter post with just pictures.

The week before Easter:
When you dye Easter eggs and are a messy little boy, you just don't wear clothes. That didn't bother those boys one bit. They would prefer to have nothing on!
 Hudson was loving dyeing these eggs.
Jackson had to learn a lesson in being patient.
Good Friday:
 We hit up the Easter egg hunt on the Collierville Square.
 The boys got tons of eggs. Huds even found the golden egg. He was disappointed to find out that meant absolutely nothing. He wanted a prize. =)
 After the egg hunt, we went to the park with my Mom. We had an awesome picnic of Steak Escape...
...and then played.
 We went to the egg hunt at the boys school. (Well, really the church that the school is inside, but they would tell you it was at their school.) They were in heaven because they had 15 bouncy houses. 15!...and I think they jumped in every single one of them.
 They also loved the face painting.
My favorite boys.
I went home and finished making my meltaway cookies and we went to Jason's parent's house to play and eat dinner. (I am a terrible girl and forgot to take pictures while we were there. Next time I will)
The boys woke up and the Easter Bunny had come. They both got flip flops, boxers (Hudson in his little boxers is too much!), and movies. Huds got The Muppet Movie (which happens to be the greatest movie in the world) and Jackson got a Star Wars movie. Good job Easter Bunny.
We got ready and headed to church. Can I tell you, we had church that day. I am so grateful for what Jesus did for me on that cross.
 We went to my parents house, where we ate and ate and ate. I brought my Macaroni and Cheese and cake batter blondies. Do yourself a favor and make the blondies ASAP! Good grief were they good. (The only thing I would do different would be to not put icing on them.)
 We had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt...
 ...and jumped on the trampoline.
 The weather got a little bit cooler so we broke out the smores and hot dogs and got to cooking. There is nothing better than a smore from a campfire.
 We spent almost the entire day outside. To say our boys were filthy would be an understatement.
And no Haynes holiday is complete without a hospital stay or someone getting hurt. Well, little Huds won the prize. He ran smack into the tailgate of my grandfather's truck and was the winner of a brand new black eye. Such a great weekend hanging with family, playing hard, and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.