Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter In Pictures

We were SO busy during Easter (and I took a million pictures) so I thought I would do an Easter post with just pictures.

The week before Easter:
When you dye Easter eggs and are a messy little boy, you just don't wear clothes. That didn't bother those boys one bit. They would prefer to have nothing on!
 Hudson was loving dyeing these eggs.
Jackson had to learn a lesson in being patient.
Good Friday:
 We hit up the Easter egg hunt on the Collierville Square.
 The boys got tons of eggs. Huds even found the golden egg. He was disappointed to find out that meant absolutely nothing. He wanted a prize. =)
 After the egg hunt, we went to the park with my Mom. We had an awesome picnic of Steak Escape...
...and then played.
 We went to the egg hunt at the boys school. (Well, really the church that the school is inside, but they would tell you it was at their school.) They were in heaven because they had 15 bouncy houses. 15!...and I think they jumped in every single one of them.
 They also loved the face painting.
My favorite boys.
I went home and finished making my meltaway cookies and we went to Jason's parent's house to play and eat dinner. (I am a terrible girl and forgot to take pictures while we were there. Next time I will)
The boys woke up and the Easter Bunny had come. They both got flip flops, boxers (Hudson in his little boxers is too much!), and movies. Huds got The Muppet Movie (which happens to be the greatest movie in the world) and Jackson got a Star Wars movie. Good job Easter Bunny.
We got ready and headed to church. Can I tell you, we had church that day. I am so grateful for what Jesus did for me on that cross.
 We went to my parents house, where we ate and ate and ate. I brought my Macaroni and Cheese and cake batter blondies. Do yourself a favor and make the blondies ASAP! Good grief were they good. (The only thing I would do different would be to not put icing on them.)
 We had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt...
 ...and jumped on the trampoline.
 The weather got a little bit cooler so we broke out the smores and hot dogs and got to cooking. There is nothing better than a smore from a campfire.
 We spent almost the entire day outside. To say our boys were filthy would be an understatement.
And no Haynes holiday is complete without a hospital stay or someone getting hurt. Well, little Huds won the prize. He ran smack into the tailgate of my grandfather's truck and was the winner of a brand new black eye. Such a great weekend hanging with family, playing hard, and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.


emily said...

Looks like a fun and busy Easter week!!

Monika said...

So cute!!!