Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Live In a Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend and got to see the new dinosaur exhibit. I spent some time on the way there explaining to the boys that dinosaurs were extinct.
Obviously, they weren't listening. This is Hudson's scared face.
 ...and this is Jackson's "I'm scared but you are making me smile for a picture" face.
After a few minutes and a movie about dinosaurs being "stinky" (or extinct) they finally warmed up to the big lizards.
 Hudson may or may not have fallen off the dinosaur after this picture. =( I am so glad he didn't get hurt. I can't imagine having to explain that he fell off a dinosaur when he hurt himself.
 Best. Picture. Ever!
 Jackson and Hudson had fun digging for bones.
 We love picnics!
 We got to see the grizzly bears eat...
...and then played in the fountain. Because no trip to the zoo is complete with out playing in the fountain!

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