Sunday, May 20, 2012

Batter Up!

I love baseball. I have loved going to baseball games since I was in high school. (Not a fan of watching it on TV, but there is nothing like going to a live baseball game.) Jackson had his first baseball game Saturday.
 He was so excited. Here he is showing me his "stance".
 Hudson was ready to cheer on his Bubba. Gotta love his "Just like my big bro" shirt. He loves everything about his big brother. 
 Jackson was the first one to bat. He had no hesitation in walking right up to the plate...
 ...and getting a hit!
 He was safe at first. He got a little help from the first base coach (which also happened to be his Daddy.) I love this picture. I told Jason "Instant Facebook profile picture"!
 He ran home and scored. (Yes, everyone scores in T-ball...but he really scored.)
 Ready for a little outfield action. Playing the "pitcher".
 Our team is all about some full-contact tee-ball. They will fight and tackle their own teammates to get the ball. 
 Throwing it to first.
 The first game is in the books and was a success!
 Like any good Memphian, you have to go to Jerry's to cool off. I think everyone in Memphis was there too.  The line was crazy, but you do what you have to do to get a snocone!
 Waiting patiently
Yes, Hudson has no clothes on. We have learned from our rookie mistakes. I am good at stain removal, but sno cone syrup is VERY hard to get out.
 That is the face of a happy customer. He loved his John Deere sno cone! 
I am so proud of my litle baseball player. I can't wait for more (hot) games this summer.

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