Monday, May 21, 2012

Hodge Podge Monday

Today, I have a few random/funny things that I want to remember to tell you. 
We are in the process of some BIG changes at the Hayne's house. The roof is complete and they are currently working on new siding, and new posts for the carport. I can't wait to show you the after pictures. 
Hudson has become quite the fashionista lately. The boy really knows how to pull an outfit together. Here he has accessorized his ensemble with the season's hot new looks: tiger sunglasses, necklace made at church, and Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer book with a cord attached (that he uses as a purse).
The boys have LOVED playing with each other recently. Yes they still drive each other nuts 50% of the time, but that other 50% is spent playing with each other. They are seriously BFFs.
Jackson and Hudson enjoy playing order. Five times a night, one kid will come up to me or Jason and say "Can I take your order?" and then go "prepare" what you ordered. Last night, while playing order, I noticed Jackson was sounding out what I ordered. Can you guess what I got? I ordered a taco (toko), a pickle (pekl) and a coke (which he cheated and copied what was on my can). This is the first time he has tried to spell something on his own that he didn't already know how to spell. I was SO proud of him!

Jackson-ism of the day:
Yesterday while we were heading home from church, Jackson was asking several question about God. My favorite question was:
Jackson: "Mommy, how did God make us. Did he use the force?"
Mommy: "No Jax. God doesn't need the force. He is much bigger than the force."
We are raising a little Star Wars fan!

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emily said...

YAY for a new roof!

loving the Jacksonisms!